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Performing Arts Center - Facilities Request Form

All scheduling and coordination of events in the High School Fine Arts Facility will be arranged with the District High School Fine Arts Coordinator.


Hourly Rate (*external groups)

Hourly Rate (**internal groups)




Concert Hall



Commons Area (only charged if event requires use of commons)



Band/Choir Rehearsal Rooms



*External groups are private organizations with no direct affiliation or partnership with the School District.

**Internal groups are any organizations directly affiliated with the school such as:  booster clubs, PTA, other governmental units.

Prior to Rental

1.  A completed facility rental request form (online) is submitted to the High School Fine Arts Facility Coordinator 30 days prior to rental date.

2. Must provide the District with proof of Liability Insurance naming the Geneseo CUSD #228 as additional insured in the amount of $1,000,000/$1,000,000 (per occurrence) and property damage in the amount of $500,000.  The certificate of insurance must be included with the facility rental request form.

3.   A $200 deposit (refundable) on file prior to rental.

4.   A signed agreement between the Geneseo CUSD #228 and rental organization must be on file before rental date.

Upon Completion of Rental

1.  The District will create a final, itemized invoice for all rental fees and costs. This final invoice will be delivered to the organization within 10 business days of rental.

2.  Check payable to the Geneseo CUSD #228 covering final rental fees and costs is delivered to:  648 N. Chicago Street, Geneseo, IL 61254.


  • The District reserves the right to assign security to events at an additional hourly charge.
  • The District reserves the right to assign custodial services to events at an additional hourly charge.
  • School District sponsored events will take precedence over facility rental requests.


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Facility :
Concert Hall
Commons Area
Band/Choir Rehearsal Rooms

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