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S.A.F.E (Child Care Program)
= Safety, Academics, Fun and Enrichment

Offered by the Geneseo School District as a service to our parents

The program is for K- 6th grade students. It operates before and after school and during the summer months.
Students may arrive as early as 6:30 a.m. and may stay as late as 6:00 p.m.

Megan Lundeen- Director - Email


TO ENROLL: Print and fill out the Enrollment Form and the Permission Form (at the top of the page). Send the forms, along with a $50.00 deposit, to SAFE, 715 South Center Street, Geneseo, IL 61254.

PARENTS: You must enroll your child/children for minimum of 2 days per week in order to be enrolled in the S.A.F.E. Program. There are NO DROP INS!
** When dropping your child, a two-week notice is required.
*** Fees must be paid weekly or monthly. Please see attached FEE SCHEDULE for additional information regarding payment.

Direct Phone Numbers:
Southwest S.A.F.E. (office) 945 - 0661
Northside S.A.F.E. 945 - 0611

If your child/ children will not be attending on days he/ she is scheduled you must call the appropriate number listed above to let us know.

Pinks Bus Service: 944-6417
*** It is parents responsibility to notify Pinks if a child will not be riding to S.A.F.E. after school.

*** Parents you must notify your child’s teacher if there is a change in plans regarding attending S.A.F.E.. The teachers do not always pass along the messages to us.

****Be sure to read any bulletins when dropping off or picking up children.
****Parents must sign children in when dropping them off before school
and sign them out when picking them up. This is for everyone’s safety.

Stop Playing It’s Reading Improvement Time!
A 15 to 20 minute time each day is set aside for everyone to read or be read to. Please encourage your child to bring a book with him or her.

Home work Time:
Home work time is provided each day, approximately for one half hour. We do not have tutors, but the staff is willing to able to assist with questions the children might have. We do not have enough staff to help students on a one-on-one basis.

Snack: S.A.F.E. provides a snack in the afternoon, approximately at 4:00 P.M.. On full days, snack is provided both morning and afternoon.

S.A.F.E. Hours
Before School 6:30 - 8:00 A.M.
A.M. S.A.F.E. will be held at Southwest only. Children that attend Northside, Millikin and St. Malachy's will be bussed to their schools in time for breakfast. Children must be at Southwest S.A.F.E. by 7:30 a.m.
After School 3:00 - 6:00 P.M.
Children that attend Northside and St. Malachy's will attend Northside S.A.F.E. after school.

All Day S.A.F.E. 6:30 A.M. - 6:00P.M.

Children must be picked up by 6:00 P.M.
A late fee of $1.00 per minute, per child, starting at 6:01 according to the school clock will be charged at the time of arrival. This fee must be paid when your child or children are picked up.

* If the parent is receiving assistance from outside sources this does not cover the late fee.
* The fee is to be paid out of pocket by the parent(s).

If you can not pick your child up by 6:00P.M. please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by someone you trust before 6:00p.m..

******If late pick up becomes a habit we reserve the right to drop your child from the program.

Please call if you are going to be late so that the staff knows what time to expect pick up of your child/children.

The S.A.F.E. Staff is scheduled until 6:00 P.M., and they have families and evening classes.
Please be courteous and pick your children up on time.

*The Program
S.A.F.E (Safety, Academic, Fun and Enrichment) Child Care Program is
Offered by the Geneseo School District as a service to our parents

The program is for K- 6th grade students. It operates before and after school and during the summer months.
Students may arrive as early as 6:30 a.m. and may stay as late as 6:00 p.m.

The program will operate on school days including half-day in-service and early release days. It will be open all teacher institute days as long as there are enough children signed up.

As of the 2006 School Year S.A.F.E. is no longer open on emergency days.

S.A.F.E. is open the following holidays as long as there are enough children signed up: Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Day and Lincoln's Birthday.
**** We are open during Spring Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Christmas Break.

*There are S.A.F.E. Child Care Sites located at Southwest, Northside Elementary Schools.

To register your child or children call the S.A.F.E. Office at Southwest School at 309-945-0661

*Fee Schedule
You must register your child/children for a minimum of 2 days per week. NO DROP INS!

*Cost Per Day
1st child 2nd child 3rd child
A.M. only $7.75 $7.25 $6.50
P.M. only $10.25 $9.75 $9.00
B & A School $13.75 $11.75 $10.50
All Day $26.75 $22.75 $20.50
Half day - During school day $16.75 $13.75 $13.00
Before school & 1/2 day (same day: during school year $21.75 $19.75 $16.50
All day rates during summer months $27.75 $23.75 $21.75

*New category - effective 6/1/11
***A $50.00 deposit and the first weeks payment is due at the time of registration.
The amount depends on how many days the child/children attend.

Fees must be paid by Thursday of the week prior, or you may pay by the monthly.

Sliding Fee Scale for those who qualify.

On all full days and Summer S.A.F.E.
children must bring a sack lunch and drink (No Pop).

S. A.F.E. provides and afternoon snack during the school year. During Summer S.A.F.E. and all day S.A.F.E an A.M. and P.M. snack are provided.

**Rules and Policies
1. This program is designed for working parents. If you are working, you may use this program. We ask that you pick up your child within a reasonable time after work.
2. There is a $1.00 per minute charge after 6:00 p.m..
3. Only authorized persons will be allowed to pick up children.
4. When dropping off your children or picking them up, you must enter the building and sign your child/ children in and out.
5. If discipline problems arise, the director or staff will notify parent of the infraction. Please see handbook for specifics regarding discipline.

Curriculum For Children
The time before school will be used for:
Quiet Activities
The time after school will be structured and will offer a variety of fun, educational activities. Afternoons will include:
Snack Time, Play time
Homework, Reading
Arts and Crafts
Recreational Activities
Children will be given time to play indoors and outdoors as part of the program. They will also be a part of learning activities designed to make the time meaningful.


Please Welcome Dr. Brumbaugh to District 228
While it has been my distinct honor to serve at the employment of the Board of Education, it has been a joy to work with the dedicated staff and administration of this school district for 15 years.  There is much for which we can be proud, and the collaborative spirit of how this District works … Continue reading "Please Welcome Dr. Brumbaugh to District 228"

High School: 945-0399
Middle School: 945-0599
Millikin: 945-0475
Northside: 945-0625
Southwest: 945-0652


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Geneseo CUSD#228 is in need of substitute teachers for all grade levels.  Interested individuals must have a valid teaching or substitute teaching certificate.  Please contact the Regional Office of Education at 309-936-7890 for compliance requirements.  



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