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Link to District Forms for health and immunization requirements

Flu Prevention Info | Tdap requirement | Food Allergy Management Plan
Emergency Medical Information (submit online) (download version)

Health Information

Important Change for the 2013-2014 School Year
By School Board action on Thursday, June 13, 2013, board policy 7:100 was amended.  Policy 7:100 defines the health, eye and dental requirements as set by the State of Illinois. The amended policy now states that beginning the school year 2013-2014 any student failing to comply with the State of Illinois requirements prior to the first day of school will be excluded immediately until the needed requirements are fulfilled.  Parent of incoming kindergarten, 6th and 9th grade students please make note that your students will need their physicals and immunizations turned in to the nurse’s office prior to the first day of school in order for them to start school.  Any new student to the district will have 30 days to fulfill their entry requirements.

Click here to access the requirements for each Grade Level

General Information
Illness: As educators, we know the importance of attendance and do everything we can to insure that students are in school. On the other hand, we don't want a child who is really ill to be in school. It is not in that child's best interest and places other students and staff at risk. We would like to share these guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health with you. Parents should definitely keep their child home from school if they notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Illness that keeps the child from participating comfortably in daily activities.
  • Fever above 100 degrees, taken orally.
  • Letharagy, irritability, persistent crying and difficulty in breathing.
  • Vomiting twice or more in 24 hours.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Mouth sores accompanied by drooling.
  • Pink eye and/or a white or yellow discharge from the eye until 24 hours after treatment begins.
  • Impetigo, a skin infection marked by a weepy scaly or crusty rash, until 24 hours after treatment.
  • Head lice, until the day after the first shampoo of pediculicide properly applied and the nurse has rehecked the student's hair.
  • Chicken pox, for not less than 5 days after the eruption of the last vesicles (lesions) or until the vesicles become dry.

Absences: *(High School policy) If a student is going to be absent from school for several days, and knows this in advance, the student should get assignments from his/her teachers. If the absence is unplanned, requests for assignments should be emailed directly to the teachers involved. If a student is absent for only one or two days, the student should contact a classmate to get assignments. Please note that vaction is now considered an unexcused absence. Absence from school for the purpose of visiting a college campus is considered a regular absence. The first college visit absence will be an excused absence and will count as one of the student's three excused absences. Any subsequent absences will count as unexcused absences.

Do I need a sport physical before I try out for a sport or can I wait and see if I made the team and then get the physical?
You will not be allowed to try out unless you have a current physical on file in the nurse's office.

How long is a sport physical good for?
Sports physicals are now good for 395 days.

My child needs some tylenol/ibuprofen. Will the nurse give him/her some?
Only if the parent has brought the medicine in and signed the appropriate paper work. (Medication Form)

When is my child required to have a school physical?   
Physicals are mandated by the State of Illinois for those students entering into grades Pre-K, K, 6th, 9th and out of state transfer students. Certificate of Child Health (School Physical Form)

Description of Student insurance coverage


Please Welcome Dr. Brumbaugh to District 228
While it has been my distinct honor to serve at the employment of the Board of Education, it has been a joy to work with the dedicated staff and administration of this school district for 15 years.  There is much for which we can be proud, and the collaborative spirit of how this District works … Continue reading "Please Welcome Dr. Brumbaugh to District 228"

High School: 945-0399
Middle School: 945-0599
Millikin: 945-0475
Northside: 945-0625
Southwest: 945-0652


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Geneseo CUSD#228 is in need of substitute teachers for all grade levels.  Interested individuals must have a valid teaching or substitute teaching certificate.  Please contact the Regional Office of Education at 309-936-7890 for compliance requirements.  



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